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The Republic of Bashkortostan is one of the most popular tourist destinations and its capital Ufa is one of the largest cities in Russia with its distinctive architecture, unique nature and cultural-historical heritage.

Of course, you cannot do without a taxi in Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan on the whole: the nuances of the public transport may cause some difficulties for those visiting the capital for the first time. Usually, immediately upon arrival in the city a traveller will need a transfer in Ufa from airport to the city centre.

Especially when you don't have to restrict yourself to the intracity destinations only; even more so there's no need to: There are so many delightful places in the Republic of Bashkortostan. And it may well be necessary to get a taxi from Ufa to Kapova Cave, for example.

International Airport "Ufa", railway station "Ufa", Northern bus station and Southern bus station are located in different parts of the city. There are almost no direct public transportation between those. Various variants with one change are possible. A lot of wasted time and unnecessary troubles!

We will provide you with a comfortable car that will help you reach your destination in the shortest possible time.

We can offer you the best conditions and make your transportation in Ufa as pleasant as possible. In every respect: price, convenience, expediency of the route, travel speed. You can easily make a taxi reservation in Ufa and we will provide you with a comfortable car. At any time of the day: we work 24/7 and are always glad to help you!

Moreover, you can order your transfer in Ufa beforehand and relax.

We are one of the most cost-effective taxi services in Ufa as well. We adhere to the fixed fees. Our drivers are experienced drivers with excellent knowledge of the city and can guarantee that: you won't pay for staying in traffic jams or for driving round as a result of an incorrectly calculated route. Our taxi prices in Ufa and the Republic of Bashkortostan will always be as low as reasonably possible according to the traffic.

Travelling should leave only excellent, bright and positive memories. Especially if the visit is paid to such a beautiful, unique and picturesque place like the Bashkir capital. Choose us if you want to get a taxi in Ufa and enjoy your trip at most!

Comfortable buses

For travels we use specially designed buses of tourist class. Depending on the number of tourists we can use different kinds of buses. Our buses are equipped with passenger seats, video entertainment system, conditioner, luggage space (some buses also have boiler* for heating water and dry toilet*). You can buy fixed place ticket when booking. There will be more choice of places when booking tour in advance. During the bus routes there will be stops where you will have time and opportunity to have a meal.

Highly professional team of drivers, guides, comfortable buses - we have everything to make your travelling with us safe, exciting and unforgettable!

We look forward to your requests!

Love to hear you again!

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