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We are proud to have the oldest kumiss health resorts here in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Our guests will surely remember the taste of this real healing drink forever. Scientists all over the world came to the conclusion that kumiss is a unique and healing drink which helps to reinforce the immune system and have a common positive influence on all organs and systems of a human body. Kumiss is nourishing, reinforcing and regenerating - to briefly sum the influence of it.

We also have a wide variety of phyto-products based on bashkirian herbs such as herbal bitters, syrups, tea beverages, natural kissels and medical tea blends of bashkirian herbs.

The healing herbs of Bashkiria have an integrated influence on body, supplying it with health-giving micro-elements and vitamins. The herbs are unique and wholesome for human immune system. They also have tonic effect and are used as preventive measures for various diseases.

Bashkirian honey is the mostly well-known kind of honey worldwide.  The distinctive feature of the origins of bashkirian honey is exactly the local environment (mountains, fields, great variety of melliferous plants, herbs, bushes and flowers).  All the traditions of real wild-honey farming are still maintained in our Republic.  Bashkirian honey possesses unique properties due to the particular climate and a wide variety of melliferous plants, which allows the bees to produce real masterpieces.  There are different kinds of bashkirian honey available: flower, lime blossom, buckwheat and mountain flowers.

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