visit to the Republic of Bashkortostan

Visit to the Republic of Bashkortostan, the capital of Ufa


Dear guests and residents of the capital!

ornament-ufaThe Republic of Bashkortostan is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and its capital — UFA — is the largest city in Russia with original architecture, unique nature and cultural and historical heritage.

Travel is something that should leave only great, bright and positive memories. Especially if the visit is made to such a beautiful, atmospheric and colorful place as the Bashkir capital. So contact us and get the most out of your trips!

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башкирская красавица

Travel to Bashkiria

Bashkiria is a small universe inside a huge Russia. Here you can find natural monuments of different historical periods, rest for every taste and budget, go skiing, climb the highest point of the southern Urals, relax at Spa resorts, improve your health in sanatoriums, raft along picturesque rivers, drink fresh kumys on an ecological tour, dance Bashkir folk dance and even admire cave drawings of people from the Paleolithic era.

The area of Bashkiria is 142.9 thousand km. From North to South, it stretches for 550 km, and from West to East-for 430 km.

Визит в Башкирию
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Визит в Башкирию
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We'll find the most convenient, comfortable and interesting tour for you!

Comfortable and safe

Selection of reliable and conscientious partners-suppliers of travel services, allow us to fully meet the expectations of customers from the trip. Careful study of routes, rapid confirmation of booking and prompt resolution of emerging issues – the result of a cohesive team.

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The best places

In the Republic of Bashkortostan there are some amazing places where you can gain supernatural powers, luck and the patronage of spirits, or at least improve your health, undergo spiritual purgation and bathe in the holy springs.

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Interesting programs

Fascination for the paranormal phenomena has become a fashion trend nowadays. Many people believe in mysticism, in luck, in anomalous zones, the so-called "places of power". Whether it's true or not, but here are indeed such places that make you feel better. In particular to mention the beneficial effect of the mountain areas of Beloretsky, Burzyansky, Abzelilovsky and other regions, the sacred springs of Gafuriysky, Miyakinsky, Salavatsky regions and other interesting programs gaining popularity among our clients.

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Team of professionals

The work of our team is aimed at ensuring that any client was able to choose the most suitable route. Thousands of reviews indicate that our tours evoke positive emotions and leave the best memories for the majority of tourists.

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Health improvement

We are proud to have the oldest kumiss health resorts here in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Our guests will surely remember the taste of this real healing drink forever. Scientists all over the world came to the conclusion that kumiss is a unique and healing drink which helps to reinforce the immune system and have a common positive influence on all organs and systems of a human body. We also have a wide variety of phyto-products based on bashkirian herbs such as herbal bitters, syrups, tea beverages, natural kissels and medical tea blends of bashkirian herbs. Bashkirian honey possesses unique properties due to the particular climate and a wide variety of melliferous plants, which allows the bees to produce real masterpieces. More...

Cosy room

In excursion tours we place tourists in hotels of a tourist class 3★, 4★, 5★ with conveniences. Hotels are located in the center of Ufa, rooms are equipped with everything you need. Some hotels offer tourists in the room additional paid services: telephone calls, Minibar with drinks. Combined, horse, etc. tours outside the protected areas in the Republic of Bashkortostan tourists are accommodated in cottage and guest houses with all amenities. In many cases, these houses are located near the ski slopes, with the provision of a swimming pool, baths and Hammam. In summer, near the most beautiful lakes or rivers.

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Comfortable buses and transfer service

The Republic of Bashkortostan is one of the most popular tourist destinations and its capital Ufa is one of the largest cities in Russia with its distinctive architecture, unique nature and cultural-historical heritage. More...

The spirit of the real journey

Travelling in the Republic of Bashkortostan gives you a real freedom feeling. The process is the creativity itself. You will find enough room for improvisation, excitement of a pioneer and the real freedom of choice during the tour. So many interesting and beautiful places we never heard of are just within our reach.
Travel teach us more than anything else. Sometimes one day in a different place gives you more than ten years of life at home. Anatole France

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